From start to finish, Time Technologies knows what it takes to properly install your scoreboard or video display.

We have all of the equipment, knowledge, and licenses to safely and efficiently complete the project. Below are some of our installation services:

  • Engineered Drawings
    We acquire the drawings from a certified Structural Engineer to ensure that your system is structurally sound.
  • Augering Services
  • Spread Footer
    If you have rocky or sandy soil, we can install spread footer foundations.
  • Steel Erection
    Time Technologies, Inc. is a licensed, bonded, and insured class A contractor licensed in Virginia and North Carolina.
  • Sign/Scoreboard Delivery
    Time Technologies has numerous size trailers to accommodate the largest customer’s orders.
  • New Construction
    We have over 40 years of new construction experience. Please contact sales for any scoreboard or video display request for proposals.
  • Basketball Gym Installation
    We have all equipment necessary to install indoor products safely without damaging your facility.
  • Crane Services
    Trained CDL crane operators on staff